Soulic Paradox is a one man indie rock band founded by Jean L in 2017. Previously, from 1996 to 2000 Jean was the founder and vocalist in an indie rock cover band, called Pure Sound. The band members wanted to continue as a cover band but Jean wanted to make original songs. This misalignment within the band caused Jean to try to find new band members who wanted to make their own music, but he found it was impossible at that time. Thus, he decided to make music by himself for the first time, but there were many hurdles. In the 2000’s, the technology was lacking for home studios. You needed band members, super expensive studios, high-end equipment, highly skilled audio engineers, and so on.

Jean left the music industry and moved to the States where he got married and even wrote and released a book on Amazon, which is still available. While living a busy life, he never forgot his passion for music.

Shortly after returning to his home country in 2016 his marriage ended, and he became homeless for a while. It was one of the hardest periods of his life, but after a while his life slowly returned back to normal.

One day, Jean was curious how far music production technology had come and to his surprise he found that it finally met his expectations. The home studio era had come. So, he began to learn everything he possibly could about music production and audio engineering. His passion for music had been ignited again.

However, he found that because he was doing everything himself, it was very challenging. When he was a singer in a band, all he needed to do was just sing. But then he had to deal with all kinds of virtual instruments, plus recording, arranging, composing, songwriting, mixing and mastering by himself.

It took around 3 months to complete his first single, called Over The Sense. Jean was constantly learning and worked very hard. He was able to create each song one by one and completed his first full album called Compilation Shot, within 18 months which contains 11 original songs in total.

While he continued learning and challenged himself doing music production, he created another project, called Elven Net, which offers various genres of instrumental music to expand his creativity and music world.

Between 2017 and 2021, Jean had created 2 full albums as Soulic Paradox, with 19 songs in total. The most recent album, called Awakening, is about “Awakening” and empowering yourself to find the true potential already within you. Soulic Paradox’s sound is predominantly hard rock with symphonies and ancient cultural instruments sprinkled throughout. He also released 4 full albums and 1 EP as Elven Net, with 44 songs in total. Elven Net’s music is perfect for promotional videos, commercials, movie trailers, social media and more. Additionally, there are many unreleased songs that are available across Elven Net’s various popular social media accounts.

Jean is very humble, so he still believes his music is in the experimental stage, however his listeners do not feel this is necessarily true. All of Jean’s music is creative, inspiring and has a clear story and message.

"Musicians are messengers, we have the opportunity to spread positive messages to people. That's why the message and the story are important in each song. I strongly believe everybody has potential to achieve their goals and find the truth, but they just haven’t realized it yet", Jean said, while adding, "I'd like to be one of the messengers, and would like to deliver to everyone those important messages."

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